Advantages of Building a Home from Scratch

Building a house is full of advantages over buying an old house. People benefit from personalized, energy-efficient housing, strong guarantees and, sometimes, tax assistance. If you are looking to build a new home, contact Minneapolis home builders today.

A builder offers homeowners a maximum number of guarantees

During the construction of a house, the builder takes care of the complete realization of said house, from the foundation to the finishing touches. They are, therefore, the only interlocutor needed and a privileged partner in the project. As a result, the contractor is committed to each client and must fulfill a number of obligations governed by law.

First of all, when using a home builder, he or she must provide a contract that states what works are to be done. This is to be signed by all parties involved in the process and must contain certain mandatory information that protects the client, including:

  • The precise description of the house built (the plan, the materials used, etc.)
  • The price of the house
  • The date on which the work starts and the date it should be completed by
  • Delivery guarantee at the price and time agreed upon
  • A multi-year warranty

Pay attention to the contract

People should always carefully read the contract in front of them, especially when it comes to the construction of a brand-new individual house. Do not be afraid to modify certain clauses which you consider abusive. But rest assured, in most cases, the contract offered by a builder is adapted to each client’s situation.

In addition, be aware that a home builder must not only deliver the home in the terms that have been agreed upon, but they also have the legal obligation to protect you from any possible incident that may occur in the home as a result of the works performed, and this, for several years. Thus, from the day you move into the home, you are covered by a number of guarantees including the guarantee of completion. This guarantee covers homeowners for a certain amount of time in case they discover defects of conformity or disorders, whatever their nature or importance.

There is also a multi-year guarantee that covers functioning. This covers all the defects affecting the elements of separable equipment of the construction.